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About Us

Artist Rita Faye deLeon specializes in oil paintings of landscapes, horses, and wildlife, with occasional other subjects. Her background includes a Bachelor of Arts degree in fine art, which enables her to paint in several different styles, including both realistic, impressionistic and abstract. Known in the Northwest for her wildlife paintings, she now resides in Texas where she lives and works on their Arabian horse farm, Welcome Arabians Ranch. (see:  She also does commission work.



OIL ON CANVAS, 18 X 24, 2011 





Husband Larry, and Rita enjoy living on their  Texas horse ranch! (above)  " Balcony view from our house and my studio!"

Our  "Home on the range!" 

My paintings reflect the life I am living at the time.  My recent paintings show the joy that the Good Lord has given me through my husband Larry, who is also a Christian- we were married  May 10,  2008! 

"SPRING BEAUTY"   oil on canvas

 Arabian broodmares in the summer pasture. 

 Armadillo!  This friendly fellow stayed in our yard for several days!

Larry and our irrigation pivot!  We love the farming and ranch life!